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No one wants to become involved in an employment dispute, but sometimes it happens. That is when we are here to support you. When you entrust your problem to us you can feel safe in the knowledge that we will deliver peace of mind and integrity.

Our litigation team have helped many employers and employees to resolve disputes. We can advise on and provide flexible solutions to your problem, including access to Employment Tribunals where necessary, but also through negotiating settlements and legally-binding Settlement Agreements. We have experience of acting for a wide range of employment claims, including Unfair Dismissal and Discrimination cases.

Employment law has been one of the most active areas of law in the past few years, with a raft of new legislation extending rights for employees including maximum working time, annual leave, maternity and paternity rights, parental leave, flexible working and the Equality Act. We are always happy to advise you on your obligations and how best to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.

Our pledge to you is that we will be approachable, friendly, helpful and available when you need us. We will advise you on a range of options tailored to help you achieve your desired outcome , and we will always put your interests first

In appropriate cases we can work on a No Win/No fee basis. Whatever your problem, we can help to resolve it.

Debt Collection

We have extensive experience of acting for clients in debt\u2013recovery claims , including writing solicitors\u2019 letters, issuing proceedings, obtaining County Court judgements and enforcing judgments through the Courts. We can also ensure you recover the maximum sums to which you are entitled , including late-payment interest on Commercial Debts.
When can mediation be used?
Mediation can be used at any stage in a dispute where the people involved feel that an independent person may help them avoid matters getting out-of-hand and thereby save time, stress and money.

What will mediation cost?
This will vary depending on the value of the dispute. However the the cost of appointing a mediator almost certainly represents a substantial saving as opposed to the cost of continuing to litigate and the mediators fees are usually shared 50/50 between the parties.

Where is the mediation located?
The mediation is arranged by the mediator at a location convenient to the parties. Either you or the other party may provide rooms or alternatively we can arrange neutral facilities for the meeting.

Will mediation work?
Experience shows that mediation has a high success rate. The mediator is there to help but it is up to the parties whether or not they reach agreement.

How long does mediation take?
This also depends on the complexity of the dispute and the number of parties involved. Most mediations do not last more than one day.
Mediation is a very flexible process and is ideally suited to multi-party disputes. By bringing all the parties together there is an opportunity to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement.
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