Elderly Client Law

Lasting Power of Attorney

Elderly people face the possibility of losing some mental capacity as they grow older. Illness or accidents can have similar consequences at any age. Appointing an Attorney under an LPA to act on your behalf is a very convenient document. The LPA for Property and Financial Affairs allows your Attorney to deal with your property and assets. The LPA for Health and Welfare allows your Attorney to make decisions such as where you live and what treatment you have.

Office of the Public Guardian

We register LPAs and Enduring Powers of Attorney (made before October 2007) at the OPG and advise on disputes with regard to the validity of those documents and the actions of an Attorney

Court of Protection

We advise members of families who have a person in their family who lacks capacity and when it is necessary for a person to be appointed as Deputy by the Court of Protection to deal with the financial affairs and property of that person.

Residential Nursing Home Fees

We advise on financial assessments carried out by the Local Authority and their decision if an elderly person is a self-funder or not and we have specialist knowledge in considering the status of the family home in the assessment process.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

We advise on whether someone is eligible for NHS Continuing Care and Nursing and the reviews of those decisions which decide if the NHS pays or not.

Administration of Estates

We advise in a sympathetic and professional manner on the administration of estates in areas such as these:-
• Application for Probate where there is a Will
• Application for Letters of Administration where there is no Will
• Completion of Inheritance Tax Accounts and payment of Inheritance Tax liabilities
• Collection of the assets and paying debts and legacies
• Preparing the Administration Accounts and distributing the balance of the estate to the Residuary Beneficiaries
• Post death variation of Wills/Rules of Intestacy by way of a Deed of Variation for the purposes of mitigating Inheritance Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax