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EDC Lord & Co Solicitors was founded in 1919.

We have decades of experience providing high quality and bespoke solutions to cater for you distinct needs.
We provide services in the following areas:

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We thrive on repeat business as well as recommendations from existing and potential future clients. Therefore, it is extremely important to us that we provide an excellent service. Our many satisfied clients are our best ambassadors. We thrive on repeat business as well as recommendations from existing and potential future clients. Therefore, it is extremely important to us that we provide an excellent service. Our many satisfied clients are our best ambassadors.

We won't lie to you, buying legal services is not like buying a bar of soap. It's not cheap, and, yes, to an extent, good advice costs money. But, we make certain promises to all of our clients:
We will offer you fixed fees for a wide range of work, and where fixed fees are not possible, we will give you our best estimate of the likely costs at the outset and at reasonable intervals thereafter if the costs are likely to exceed our estimate, you will be the first to know. We will control as much of the cost as we can, but sometimes there are certain items that are outside of our control, such as court fees and the cost of instructing outside experts (if required), however we will always keep you up to date.
Your case will never be elongated so that we can make more money. Working in a timely, efficient manner is our aim and we will always work at our optimum to get you the best possible outcome. We will always try to achieve for you the best outcome for your case at the least cost. That means we may suggest we try to negotiate a settlement on your behalf, or use mediation in order to avoid the much greater costs and stress of court proceedings. Frank and honest advice is hard to come by, so we pride ourselves on our honesty. Sometimes, you may not want to hear what we tell you, but you can always rest assured that we will only ever advise you and act in your best interests at all times. We will always explore with you at the outset, whether you may obtain funding for your legal costs from another source, such as an insurance policy, even if that means that you don't subsequently instruct us, but instead use another firm instructed via your insurers. We know, we know, but a promise is a promise as far as we're concerned. We just have to accept it, hope that you'll recognise that we always put your interests ahead of our own, and that you'll come back to us another time.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the outcome or/and our service, we operate an in-house complaints procedure with a dedicated client care partner at a senior level who will take your complaint very earnestly. We value complaints from unhappy clients, because nobody's perfect, and we like to learn from our mistakes in order to further improve our service to you. So, complaints have a value to us too, even though we prefer happy clients. If, having complained to our client care partner, you are still not happy; you can make a formal complaint to the Legal Ombudsman who has the power to make a binding order against us in your favour if they think we have fallen short. And, if that's not enough, then for good measure we carry millions of professional indemnity insurance cover against the risk of negligence claims (at not inconsiderable cost to ourselves it should be added). Fortunately, our claims record is excellent, so we rarely need to call upon it, but it is there to give you peace of mind, that if the worst does happen, you won't be left empty-handed. We are also required, independently, to provide our services to you in accordance with the Solicitor's Code of Conduct and various other rules and regulations which are required of us by our regulatory body the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) who may audit us from time to time to ensure that we are complying with the professional rules and regulations which apply to us.

Your case will be dealt with by a named lawyer. If there is a need for more than one lawyer to deal with aspects of your case, you will be told at the outset. Complete details of who will be acting for you, their status and their hourly charging rates (unless it's a fixed fee case) are set out in our comprehensive client care letter and terms and conditions which you will be sent at the beginning. Accountability and approachability are two of our keystones, so we promise (there we go again!) that you will not be pushed from pillar to post by some anonymous call-centre operatives who haven't a clue who you are or what your problem is. We pride ourselves on personal service, and that is what you will get from us. Nothing less will do.


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